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Restaurants e.Management Solutions
Maestro is an advanced software solution to manage your restaurant, which suits your business with a flexible choice of hardware By providing comprehensive restaurant and food service outlet point-of-sale (POS) at every type and size of restaurant, whether you operate a single restaurant or hundreds.   Maestro sectors:   Full Service restaurant Quick Service restaurant Delivery Independent or Small Chain Bakeries Pastries Cafeterias Coffee Shops Beach Resorts Catering Services Kiosk Hotels     Our solutions:   Point of Sale: Flexible & Fast, Specific interface for  each one of “Take Away – Dine In – Delivery“  , Check previous Orders, make Free Order & Dishes, make Order Discount & Dishes Discount,  Dishes Option to ensure the favorite taste for customers, Record Order as Debt, work with barcode reader, Minimum Charge For Dine In Order.   Tables Management: Table Design, Table Reservation, Move Order or Dishes from Table to another, Merge Tables, Tables Waiter & Casher definition.   Delivery: Customer details definition, multiple addresses by customer, Street and Area Creating, Automatic Delivery Charge, Giving Order to Delivery Man, Suitably with Caller ID Device, order history is stored for easy retrieval, Ability to manage and guarantee delivery times to increase customer satisfaction.   Menu Design: Full items controls by users to add, remove, update, and design. Dish prices & preparation times for each one of “Take Away – Dine In – Delivery”. Dish schedule by days & hours. Dish Items to count consumption, cost, and profit.   Wireless handheld ordering: The Handheld Maestro can improve customer service by enabling your servers to stay on the floor where they’re needed and allow them to focus on serving customers, rather than running back and forth.   Kitchen Display: Monitor Display system sends orders to kitchen staff instantly, simplify order preparation, ensure order accuracy, and decrease the average time it takes to complete an order. Smart Print System Is available too for small restaurant that using kitchen printers.   Customer Loyalty: To entice your customers to come back over and over again, Maestro have developed features “Points System & Coupons” which will get you faster to that goal.   Call Reception & Caller ID: The Caller ID feature brings you directly to the customer’s file to speed up service. Call reception with Caller ID fasten your operations of order taking, order processing, handling of customer inquiries and complaints allows for a more focused, efficient and fast delivery operation.     Call Center: With Maestro Call center you will be able to forward your orders from your call center to other branches, and it will allow you to track orders from branches which will enhance your service quality and delivery performance.   Languages: Maestro supports Arabic and English Interfaces. The system has been designed to support any other language on demand.   Information security: Since the entire staff restaurant (such as Director - Accountant - Cashier - Chef Captains and staff delivery) share work on Maestro therefore had to be a security system at a high level of accuracy where we can customize every button in the program to the user without the other.   Management Reporting Maestro offers huge number of reports for you to control and improve the work flow, the reports can be exported with a click to excel format, with the ability to send those reports by email automatically.   Tables Movement Dishes Movement Cancelled & Discount Reports Stock movement Invoices Report Profit & Cost   And much more…   Head Office and Branches: With Maestro you can run multiple restaurants with or without centralization, and control the Branches no matter how much distance between them.   Stock & Preparation management: Bind menu items to stock items and specifying the quantity based on every menu item and automatically decreasing the stock items balances based on orders, and know the quantities in the stock momentary.   Accounting With  +Master You will enjoy integrated accounting system, purchases, stakes, Flexible material chart & account chart, inventory identity by simple operation, accounting And stock reports, and final accounting reports which will showed your Profit & Cost momentary, and  Financial Centre.   Time and Attendance With +Novatime you will monitor Time staff and follow up their vacations and salaries of course simultaneously.   Maestro Benefits:   Increase sales Increase profit Improve operational efficiency Increase guest satisfaction and loyalty Drive top-line growth Deliver exceptional customer service Eliminate waste by ensuring order accuracy Increase control of business Enable the highest productivity  


Master Accounting , POS & Stores Application
Master is not only a software or an application, Master is a solution for all the problem that faces accountants and owners. It helps you to organize your present work, give you an insight about the possible opportunities and helps you to create the right decision all that is available through a rich environment of easy to use tools and functions with the support of multilingual screens.     Main Users:   Shops. Super Markets. Small-Medium Companies. Service centers. Education institutes. Factories. Foundations. Clinics Restaurants.     Main Functions:   Accounting: This function allow you to design your own accounting tree system by offering the ability to create root account and sub accounts , which will you at the end of the year to know the aggregate value of each root account. The system also allow the user to move cash values between accounts using Journal Entries, Vouchers , Or invoices , later the user can generate summarized or detailed accounts to know the value of the accounts and the movements.   Stocks and Inventory: In stock and inventory function users can organize their stock items, value and location since the software allows an unlimited number of entries for stocks and items details. The software also offer the ability to move stocks between stocks and in/out movement by invoices with considering the time value of the items. The user can generate several reports that allow him to fellow up the movement of the materials and allow him to monitor the consumption of the material to know its market value.   POS: In order to serve the facilities that require a smooth and fast sales operations , Master offers a POS system that organize this operation with an easy and simple manner. The POS function handles different cash drawers for different employees and generate a special report about them.   Manufacturing: With this function you can design its manufactured item at your facility by creating a template of what it consists of and what costs can be added to each manufacturing operation, later you can use this template to execute an manufacturing order and the system will automatically exit the row materials from the stock and enter the manufactured materials instead with consideration for the costs that he also handle precisely.   Reporting:   Account’s Reports Ledger Statement. Accounts Balances. Classified Accounts Balances. Daily Report. Account Movement. Monthly Account Movement. Money Movement. Seller Commission. Trial Balance.   Stock’s Reports Invoices Report. Material Movements. Stock Taking. Barcode Stock Taking. Stock Movement. Material Inventory Identity History. Materials Evaluating. Expire Date.   Final Reports Balance Sheet. Profit and Loss. Trading Account. Operating Account.     Data Import and Export: You can export all your reports to excel format, in addition you can import information like items so you can save time instead of entering them manually. The user also can export data like invoices, items, accounts and other important information so it can be imported later by another copy of master which makes it a very useful and easy method to trade information between branches.  

Mobi Maestro

Wireless handheld ordering application
The Handheld Mobi Maestro can improve customer service by enabling your servers to stay on the floor where they’re needed and allow them to focus on serving customers, rather than running back and forth.     Mobi Maestro sectors:   Full Service restaurant Quick Service restaurant Independent or Small Chain Cafeterias Coffee Shops Beach Resorts Hotels     Our solutions:   Information security: Since the entire staff restaurant (such as Director - Accountant - Cashier and Chef Captains) share work on Mobi Maestro therefore had to be a security system at a high level of accuracy where we can customize if users can print, pay, make discount and free dish or order.   Flexibility to connect to Server: With just few details you would be able to connect wirelessly to server where application get and store data.   Table’s layout: Table’s layout show you tables state, that so you can have the perfect vision of hall what will help you to lead it easily.   Take order: With simple menu display you can easily shift through menu section and chose items all that within few seconds well you are talking to client and taking them order. In addition you can change amount, add topping, and offer free dish, all that to serve your clients with best serves they would wish   Close Table: With Mobi Maestro you can open and close tables without any need to back to desktop POS, you can print bill, make discount or make free order and pay order to close table.    

Bixolon Thermal POS/Receipt Printer

Model: SRP-330
Brand: Samsung Bixolon Model: SRP-330 Thermal POS Printer 200 mm/sec Auto cutter USB & Parallel Black Warranty: 12 months

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