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Master Accounting , POS & Stores Application

Master is not only a software or an application, Master is a solution for all the problem that faces accountants and owners. It helps you to organize your present work, give you an insight about the possible opportunities and helps you to create the right decision all that is available through a rich environment of easy to use tools and functions with the support of multilingual screens.



Main Users:


  • Shops.

  • Super Markets.

  • Small-Medium Companies.

  • Service centers.

  • Education institutes.

  • Factories.

  • Foundations.

  • Clinics

  • Restaurants.



Main Functions:



This function allow you to design your own accounting tree system by offering the ability to create root account and sub accounts , which will you at the end of the year to know the aggregate value of each root account.

The system also allow the user to move cash values between accounts using Journal Entries, Vouchers , Or invoices , later the user can generate summarized or detailed accounts to know the value of the accounts and the movements.


Stocks and Inventory:

In stock and inventory function users can organize their stock items, value and location since the software allows an unlimited number of entries for stocks and items details. The software also offer the ability to move stocks between stocks and in/out movement by invoices with considering the time value of the items.

The user can generate several reports that allow him to fellow up the movement of the materials and allow him to monitor the consumption of the material to know its market value.



In order to serve the facilities that require a smooth and fast sales operations , Master offers a POS system that organize this operation with an easy and simple manner.

The POS function handles different cash drawers for different employees and generate a special report about them.



With this function you can design its manufactured item at your facility by creating a template of what it consists of and what costs can be added to each manufacturing operation, later you can use this template to execute an manufacturing order and the system will automatically exit the row materials from the stock and enter the manufactured materials instead with consideration for the costs that he also handle precisely.




Account’s Reports

  • Ledger Statement.

  • Accounts Balances.

  • Classified Accounts Balances.

  • Daily Report.

  • Account Movement.

  • Monthly Account Movement.

  • Money Movement.

  • Seller Commission.

  • Trial Balance.


Stock’s Reports

  • Invoices Report.

  • Material Movements.

  • Stock Taking.

  • Barcode Stock Taking.

  • Stock Movement.

  • Material Inventory Identity History.

  • Materials Evaluating.

  • Expire Date.


Final Reports

  • Balance Sheet.

  • Profit and Loss.

  • Trading Account.

  • Operating Account.



Data Import and Export:

You can export all your reports to excel format, in addition you can import information like items so you can save time instead of entering them manually.

The user also can export data like invoices, items, accounts and other important information so it can be imported later by another copy of master which makes it a very useful and easy method to trade information between branches.


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