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Fast Account

Accounting system fits all commercial activities
Fast Account is not only a software or an application, It helps you to organize your present work, give you an insight about the possible opportunities and helps you to create the right decision all that is available through a rich environment of easy to use tools and functions with the support of multilingual screens.     Main Users: Shops. Super Markets. Small-Medium Companies. Service centers. Education institutes. Foundations. Clinics Main Functions:   Stocks and Inventory: In stock and inventory function users can organize their stock items, value and location since the software allows an unlimited number of entries for stocks and items details. The software also offer the ability to move stocks between stocks and in/out movement by invoices with considering the time value of the items. The user can generate several reports that allow him to fellow up the movement of the materials and allow him to monitor the consumption of the material to know its market value.   POS: In order to serve the facilities that require a smooth and fast sales operations , Master offers a POS system that organize this operation with an easy and simple manner. The POS function handles different cash drawers for different employees and generate a special report about them.     Reporting:   Account’s Reports Ledger Statement. Accounts Balances. Daily Report. Account Movement. Monthly Account Movement. Money Movement. Stock’s Reports Invoices Report. Stock Taking. Barcode Stock Taking. Stock Movement. Material Inventory Identity History. Materials Evaluating.

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